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Combined Sea & Air Service

Combined Sea & Air Services

In today’s constantly changing economic work place , we constantly check that we are offering an surpassed Sea-Air Freight service combined with a competitive pricing structure and we have Offices and operators that are dedicated to constantly monitoring our services to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service possible at all times .
The Sea-Air service is not a new concept in the world of shipping but it is one of the lesser known ones.

From any two points in the world , we can offer you, a port to airport deferred shipping service whereby the first leg of the journey is made by sea and the second leg of the journey is completed by an air freight service. By using our carefully appointed agency partners around the world we can offer you a service that is much cheaper than air freight but much quicker than the sea service alone.

The savings gained are varying and are hugely dependent on where your supplier is based in the world. But this is something we can look at and decide if the longer transit time is sufficiently offset by the cost saving element of the movement.

Once arrived at the destination airport we have at our disposal a fleet of dedicated independent transportation contractors who can achieve the most efficient end delivery to your receiving point.

All the above enables us to deliver an unsurpassed Sea-Air Freight door-to-door service, one which you can trust and rely on.